What about Free-your-Mind Project!

By:Atino Elizabeth

  • Often at times you have thoughts that you would rather not have, such persistent worries or recurring concerns that don’t go away. The more you try to free your mind from these thoughts, the more persistent they become!

The Free-your-Mind project is going to enable us have a safe space to vent, discuss, and engage on several concerns that can creat a free space in our minds. There is a close link with our Mental Health state and we shall look into that here.

Here you are going to look at activities you can undo or do to help us set our minds free.( practicing. Forgiveness and gratitude, stopping people pleasing and Approval behavioral patterns,visualizing your best self -etc)!

This is will enable you appreciate what is Mental Health? What triggers it? & How can we make it better for people to feel free and vent? You and me believe that every step that we take towards caring for our mental being is one towards being better and feeling safe😊

I came across this quote and it spoke to me in the same way am thinking it relates to you. It starts with us to really free our minds from the mental slavery, even if it becomes so hard we have to try.

This is because our mind harbors a lot more of everything we go about our day! We start to function from the mind and it tells us what to do, the thoughts we have affect our direction if it’s not fruitful, the choices we make start from our minds!

Let’s free ourselves from this mental slavery by sharing experiences and ways on how we can help one another to keep sane and sharing our skills that we know can be of help😊






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Elizabeth Atino🇺🇬✍️

~No one is going to take care of your mental health than you~. All about Mind enthusiasm and Life style! Lawyer keen interest in Tech law l Commercial and HR